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Virtual Reality

Immersive Experience


VR is an artificial, computer-generated simulation or recreation of a real life environment or situation. It immerses the user by making them feel like they are experiencing the simulated reality firsthand, primarily by stimulating their vision and hearing.

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As a studio we have always embraced new technology as the industry has moved forward. The future is all about communicating and the ability to be able to communicate our ideas.

Virtual reality puts us into a different plane altogether. Put the VR headset on and literally we can look around and it's as simple as that. We can draw the plans, we can then extrude buildings, we can create spaces, create shapes. We can now get to that sketching stage where we are communicating very quickly with the clients.


For the first time we can immerse into a building and look up, look across, navigate through the space, or become a drone and start flying outside. This technology allows us to work in a faster, more collaborative way, in a way we can sketch or draw something out in three dimensions and then being able to look around. It allows us to communicate our ideas a lot quicker. We can solve problems very quickly and very clearly so the commiserations part of all of that is just amazing.


This technology makes the understanding of the space so much easier both for us and our clients.

Augmented Reality

•  Technologies that enable live and real-time view the real environment, enriched (augmented) in real time with virtual images or 3D models.


•  With special application we can imprint on the projects drawings or plans the feature to manifest the 3D model in real time, when viewed form a tablet or mobile camera.


• This technology helps us to communicate our vision and design with our clients.


Google Cardboard

Samsung Gear VR

Occulus Rift

HTC Vive

With the use of interactive methods like Virtual Reality, we and our clients are able to immerse, experience and validate the designed space on early stage.

We are able to create for our clients high-end Virtual Reality tours for VR headsets and shareable real time 3D and VR tours for web and mobile with the use of the WebGL platform.

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