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Present Your Project

3D Video Animation

We are able to create 3D architectural walkthroughs for your project even before the construction. It helps us to communicate our vision and design with our clients.

This technology can be used for:

  • Architectural visualizations

  • Interior designs

  • Engineering simulations

  • Real estate developers

  • Advertising


​Stages of Development Process

  • Information collection, Cad drawings, reference material, target audience and objectives.

  • Analysis and evaluation of the collected information.

  • Script, mood-board and storyboard development.

  • Development of layout including landscape and surroundings.

  • Mesh modeling for interior and/or exterior environment.

  • Texturing and lighting.

  • Music and sound effects enrichment in accordance to the storyboard and script.

  • Quality check of the early production cut ensuring quality is maintained through out all stages of development.

  • Finalizing for post-production.

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